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1.Ai Ye ( dry Argy Wormwood Leaves ) :
     Bitter and Acrid in flavour,Warm in property. Promoting the flow of Qi and Blood.Used to treat female's lower abdominal coldness and pain(Qi and Blood stagenation by coldness).
     Ai Ye (chao) (Dry-fried Argy Wormwood Leaves) are Hot rather than Warm and have an enhanced ability to disperse Cold. It used to treat dysmenorrhea or infertility to Cold in the Womb. Its decoction for external washing can treat itching of eczema.

2.Xian Ai YE ( fresh Argy Wormwood Leaves ) :
     Fresh Mugwort Leaves are more harmonious and less dryness and hot than the dried leaves and are more appropriate for use in stability of blood system to stopping vomiting blood, nose bleeding.

3.Ai Tan:
     Carbonized Mugwort Leaves enters the Blood to warm the channels, disperse Cold and restrain for arresting bleeding .

5.Ai Rong:
     Ai Rong is the smashed leaves and branches of the herb and is material for moxa.

   Moxa Stick made by Ai Rong ( 3 years 5:1)

Ai Rong (3 years 15:1)



Major Combinnations

1. Ai Ye with  Xiang Fu
     Ai Ye is good at regulates the flow of Blood ,  Xiang Fuis good at regulates the flow of Qi.
     Formula: Ai Fu Nuan Gong Wan



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