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Monica ( Dry Eye )
Almost five years ago, in 2008, I decided to submit an eyelid surgery (upper and lower blepharoplasty) just to improve my appearance. I had a surgery complication and my eyes became very, very dry. Since then, I visited the best experts I found here in Brazil, but the problem still persisted. I had to use eyedrops every 2 hours but they were not enough to leave my eyes comfortable. I also used temporary plugs, cyclosporine and nutricional supplements for dry eyes. The problem seemed to be chronic!

Dry  eyes  caused a lot  of stress to me. I decided to go  through all medical treatments available in Ocidental Medicine, but they were not effective.

A friend of mine, who lives in Canada, is a doctor and works with acupuncture. She strongly recommended to me making an appointment with Doctor Rui Quan Li. My friend studied Traditional Chinese Medicine in Taiwan and heard about Doctor Li experience and background.

Then, I read Doctor Li's curriculum in "gogoacupuncture.com" and I was enchanted by the eye diseases she was having success to treat. Very soon, I made an appointment in her doctor’s office. I got there in May, 2012 for the first time and stayed 3 weeks for the treatments, which includes acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Then I got back in December 2012 and stayed for 2 more weeks.  

I loved to meet Dr Li. She is so kind and a very good doctor, with a lot of experience. I am feeling much better now. My eye conditions improved a lot. I am using eyedrops just 3 times a day, much less than before the treatments.

I am so happy with my health condition that I am already making plans to go back to California to see Doctor Li for the third time, in September 2013.I brought the Chinese herbs to Brazil and I take the treatment seriously, because it is working!

I am very grateful to Doctor Li because I can see she is an expertise not only in eye problems but she understands the body as a whole. I recommended to a friend in Brazil seeing Doctor Li and she is also very happy with the treatments. So I have now even more faith in Chinese Medicine and I recommend to everybody!


Lena C (Glaucoma)
My name is Lena and I am seventeen years old and I have the early stages of glaucoma. Glaucoma is basically when the pressure behind the eyes get so high the liquids in the eye become gelatinous. I was told by my optometrist that there is "no way to reverse eye pressure" and I would have to start using prescription eye drops immediately. When I went to Dr. Li, she assured me she could take care of it. At first I had my doubts, but after continuous treatment my eye pressure went from an abnormally high pressure of 23 (right eye) and 21 (left eye) to 19 (R) and 17 (L). Although, still in the higher range, I could feel the pressure leave my eyes. Even now my eye pressure continues to lower. As if it could get any better, after her treatments I feel so relaxed and eager to get on with my day, I always try to set aside time every week for a visit. I am so thankful for being able to see Dr. Li and be a patient of hers and I would, and do, refer her to anyone and everyone. 

Marie C (hyperthyroidism)
I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and suffered from high blood pressure, insomnia, and heart palpitations as a response. My previous doctor wanted to put me on an extreme regimen of hormone inhibitors and beta blockers. I was referred to Dr. Li by a friend and I feel amazing. No pills and no scary radioiodine. She's helped me keep my hormones in the normal range and all of my symptoms have disappeared. Thank you Dr. Li!

Michael D (High blood pressure & Heart problem)
I had heart problems, high blood pressure, and was forty pounds overweight. I was on three different medications. I heard about Dr. Li and decided to visit her office. I have received her treatments for two years now and the fore mentioned problems are no longer an issue. Dr. Li did this without pharmaceuticals or surgery. My health issues were corrected with a careful and knowledgeable application of acupuncture and herbal medicine. Without Dr. Li I would still be on a western medication regimen that simply was not working. The good doctor's treatments take time, but they are well worth it.


Marie F (Depression)
It is my honor and privilege to share my acupuncture experience over the last three years with Dr. Rui Quan Li.
Although I never had acupuncture treatments before I saw Dr. Li, I took a chance that Dr. Li could help treat my depression and my chronic ankle pain.

I am pleased to say that within a relatively short time, my depression was reversed. I stopped taking anti-depression medications after two weeks acupuncture treatment and until now three years past, I never take any those medications anymore which I had taken for more than fifteen years before I saw Dr. Li. And my chronic ankle pain was completely healed.

I have an appreciation for the humor in life and I laugh a lot more than I did before I received acupuncture treatments from Dr. Li. I am also thankful that my overall health improved, I have very few colds, and I save money in unnecessary medical bills. I continue to receive treatments because I believe that the acupuncture treatments contribute to my good health and wellness.


Amanda P (Injuries and pain)
I had many injuries since I was young and eight years ago had a new injury again, I could not work for more than two years due the pain. Under  Dr. ruiquan Li's treatment and guidance I have recovered so I may work without pain getting in the way of my concentration, and as I must work from my unconscious as well as conscious - self , and do so physically,  this is vital  and wondrous to me.
Honestly, I owe any good works I do to Dr. Li, and shall continue to grow stronger under her care. I am sure, with acupuncture, I may lead a healthier and more productive and adventurous life with a big smile in my heart. I consider myself extraordinarily fortunate to have been introduced to her.
Acupuncture has worked where western medicine did not. Not to say all western medicine is bad, but it has a narrow view point  and therefore it is limited to targeting "bits' of what is ailing the patient and over-looking the whole, and because of this seeming lack of knowledge of the body's own energy western medicine has done me. From my own experience, simply put, western medicine was unable to aid me in my recovery.

I shall continue to do acupuncture. It is a marvelous way to maintain good health, even after chronic injuries are quelled.  

At first I found it miraculous how, with dedication, I have become more flexible and graceful in my movement, with the restoration of balance. And this to me, is a beautiful thing..

My own father goes to acupuncture and he is 81, and as fit as a fiddle, doing remarkable physical feats and doing so beautifully and working to his hearts content as am I.


Going to the Healing Power Chinese Acupunture clinic was the best thing I have done in years! I had a very bad case of patellar tendonitis for the past 16 years. I had been treated by the best hospitals in the US and even had surgery on both knees. This is the first time in years that my knees are pain free. The treatment was great from the start. I could tell a difference after the first session. After 3 or 4 I had no more pain. I can't say it works for every problem you might have but it sure works wonderfully on my knees and that alone got my attention! If you have a medical problem do yourself a big favor and try this clinic!

I've been treated by Dr. Qiang Lee and my neck and shoulder pain improved dramatically. I am a court reporter and I have chronic neck and shoulder tension. Most people (massage therapists included) cannot believe how tight I am. I went to various massage therapists for years. I love massage and it certainly helped but the effects fade quickly. After going to Dr. Lee 4 times I noticed a dramatic improvement. I highly recommend Dr. Lee!"

Wonderful people. Very kind and genuine. Will go out of their way to help in anyway possible. Very professional and extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommended.


The best acupuncturist and herbalist I have ever been to. They know what they are doing and are very professional. They can treat a wide variety of ailments. And they have a nice office as well. If you need help, definitely go to this office.


Roxanne M (Meibomitis / Blepharitis / Depression)

I begin to eye irritation in my eye like a pin was poking me in June 2013 after using a makeup cleansing towelette I decided to go to a ophthalmologist at Kaiser she told me I had clogged oil glands and to take an antibiotic drops and do hot compresses 4 times daily. I felt some what better but still felt a little irritation , I went back and anotherophthalmologists said I had an eye condition called Meibomitis that causes irritated, itchy, dry, swollen, red, painful and blurry vision, stys in the eyes, she told me wash my eyelids twice daily with Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo, hot compresses 4 times daily, and a steroid ointment at night. Once I felt okay for a little while then I would feel the irritation coming back, the hot compresses dried my eyes until I had conjunctivitis from over washing and hot compresses so had to go back to Kaiser again another doctor said stop washing your eyes so much only every 3 days no more hot compresses and prescribed FML steroid drops, I started to take the drops for 3 days my eyes felt dilated and I couldn't take any light I got scared called the doctors office and she said take the drop with an attitude once again no help. I stopped taking them because its was giving me side effects and steroid eye drops can cause glaucoma / Cataracts. I gave it one more shot at my HMO Kaiser I made an appointment with one of the seasoned eye doctor he explain I had meibomtis and prescribed Doxycycline a strong antibiotic for acne but it suppose to liquefy the solidified oils in the eyelid so they can flow better and he also gave me a steroid ointment to put on the eyelid for 2 weeks, needless to say I became very ill from the antibiotics called the doctor back and he said well that's about all I can offer you far as treatment he said use the steroid ointments and drops it could help maybe not at this point I'm very frustrated I goggled the condition and things didn't look promising far as treatment eye doctors seem to be very ignorant and clueless basically the condition could go away, get better and controlled or get worse, wax and wane or go away for years and come back etc. eye doctor claim its the most diagnosed eye problem yet no cure and a lot of people suffering for year with ineffective treatments such as washing eyes, steroid drops, hot compresses, and over the counter drops. I decided to go out of the Kaiser network and go to a private doctor to see if I was a good candidate for Lipiflow I went to UCLA Jules Eye Institute in Los Angeles to see a specialist, I knew I was early in the condition and I wanted to combat it before it progressed, I was determined to find help for myself. After having Lipiview he said I still had a lot of good oils and I was on the wining side and was no where near needing lipiflow my left eye was worse than the right so it showed signs of dry spots but, I would have to take a steroid called Lotamax and retasis for 30 days and I would feel better after that I was like oh no not more steroids he said that was the only way I would be able to tolerate the restasis because it burned. I tried that treatment for 4 days and the lotamax began to dry my eyes out I was taking them 3 times a day and restasis twice daily something told me in my mind that if I don't stop putting these steroids drops that my eyes would be destroyed. I dropped all treatments and started researching eastern medicine because I realized western was not going to help because they didn't know enough about what they were treating, I read a lot of peoples experiences some people were lucky and found a cure but most were suffering with no help or answers to ever why they had the condition. I went to a few acupuncturist that claim they treated and resolved the condition I seen little improvements at this point I'm tired in a depressed state stressed out frustrated filled with anxiety and loss of wages but, I still researched I read some where about TCM ophthalmology in the united states that's when I found Dr. Li she had years of experience treating eyes diseases with acupuncture and Chinese medicines, I gave her a call she told me to come in right away I went in that day when I arrived she was very kind and warm made me feel comfortable she really listened to me about everything I had been threw with western medicine doctors and there treatments. She examined me and my eyes and told me she could help me heal but it would take time, I felt so relieved that I found someone that understood this condition. Dr. Ruiquan Li has been treating me for 5 weeks and the swelling, redness irritation has improved greatly the my blurry vision is gone and I recommend her to anyone suffering with a eye condition.

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