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Ai Ye

Pinyin : Ai Ye

Botanical : Artemisia argyi Levl.

Description :Argy Wormwood Leaf.

Origin :China's central regions,especially in Anhui, Shandong Hubei and Hebei provinces and in most parts of south east Asia.

Preparation : The herb is collected in summer before flowering, removed from foreign matter, and dried in the sun or in the shade before use. The leaf can also be carbonized or processed with vinegar until its outer part is charred.

Properties : Bitter, acrid, warm

Meridians : Spleen, liver, kidney.

Actions & Indications :Warms the womb and stops bleeding, (usually made into almost like burnt carbon by stir frying). Pacifies the fetus. For infertility due to cold womb. Improve blood forming.Promotes blood circulation. As material for moxibustion.

Contraindications : Use caution in case of yin deficiency or xue re (heat in blood) .


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